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What is PdnMapa?

Paso Del Norte Map for Public Access (PdN Mapa) is a coalition of agencies that are responding to the need for a state of the art, trans-boundary geographical information system (GIS) in the tri-state, binational region of far-west Texas, southern New Mexico, and northern Chihuahua, Mexico. The PdN Mapa steering committee consists of: Paso del Norte Health Foundation, Center for Border Health Research, El Paso Water Utilities, City of El Paso, El Paso County Central Appraisal District, El Paso County Roads and Bridges, El Paso County 911, The University of Texas at El Paso, The Institute for Municipal Planning and Development of Ciudad Juárez (IMIP-Instituto Municipal de Investigacion y Planeacion). The coalition has counted on the support of representatives of the City of Las Cruces, Doña Ana County Planning Department, and New Mexico State University.

What have we done?

The accomplishments of PdN Mapa comprise an impressive and growing list. PdN Mapa has completed a contiguous parcel based GIS layer of El Paso County, and has linked each parcel to a record in the Central Appraisal District database. Using this parcel base and aerial photographs supplied by El Paso Water Utilities, the street centerline GIS layer was properly georeferenced, and address-matching capabilities were updated and completed. Both of these products are available on this site which includes an interactive mapping tool and makes available many regional GIS layers for downloading. PdN Mapa has also sponsored an in-depth series of trainings in the use of several GIS software packages for regional GIS technicians and administrators. These educational workshops were presented by ESRI, the leading developer of GIS products. Another major PdN Mapa initiative is the development of a geographically accurate street centerline GIS layer for Ciudad Juárez. This centerline is being developed by IMIP, and will have address matching capabilities.

What we hope to further accomplish:

Future plans for PdN Mapa include the acquisition of high resolution, accurate orthophotographs of the entire region. These aerial photographs will allow agencies to combine all regional GIS layers into a seamless GIS base. Future improvements to the website will incorporate the new imagery into the on-line interactive mapping tool. With the parcel base, the street-centerlines, and the website as its flagships, the PdN Mapa project is beginning to be recognized as an indispensable cornerstone of regional infrastructure, that many communities are looking forward to see something similar accomplished in their regions. In addition to providing an ongoing service to all GIS users in the region, PdN Mapa is making GIS accessible to those in the community without technical GIS background. The participation of government, educational, and community agencies will allow PdN Mapa to coordinate the development of regional GIS for years to come.

PdN Mapa Executive Committee

Chair Raed Aldouri
University of Texas at El Paso
Regional Geospatial Center,
(915) 747-8019
Vice-Chair Norma Palacios
County Roads and Bridges,
GIS Manager
(915) 546-2015
Treasurer Howard Johnson
El Paso Central Appraisal District,
GIS Manager
(915) 780-2129
Ida Ramos
El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
GIS Administrator
(915) 591-9735
Gabriel Melendez
Instituto Municipal de Investigación y Planeación (IMIP), Cd. Juárez,
Geostatistics and Information Coordinator
(656) 613-6520

Website Development Committee

Rocio Veloz
City of El Paso GIS
GIS Web Support
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