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El Paso City/County

File Data:
Ascarate Lake
Bike Routes
Community Development Block Grant Eligible Areas
Census Block Groups 2010
Census Blocks 2010
Census Tracts 2010
Census Block Groups/2000
Census Tracts 2000
Clinic Sites
Congressional Districts
County Commissioner Districts
Countywide Parcels
El Paso City Limits
El Paso County Extra Territorial Jurisdiction
El Paso County Street Centerline
Empowerment Zones
Empowerment Zone developable sites
Enterprise Communities
Enterprise Reinvestment Zone
Fire Batallions
Fire Districts
Fire Hydrants
Fire Stations
Foreign Trade Zone
Franklin Mountain State Park
Hazardous Cargo Routes
Head Start Locations
Historic Districts
Hospital Locations
Impact Fee Areas
Industrial Sites
Land Use
Library Sites
Major Arterials
Major Thoroughfare Plan proposed streets
Mile Marker Locations
Municipal Boundaries
Museum Sites
Neighborhood Associations
Park Zones
Planning Areas
Police Districts
Police Stations
Poll Sites
Ports of Entry
Proposed Overpasses, Bridges, etc.
Proposed Roadway Projects
Proposed Transit Projects
Proposed Transit Terminals
Public Housing Development
Public Recreational Facilities
Railroad Tracks
Representative Districts
School Districts
School Locations
SISD Attendance Boundaries
Sun Metro Bus Routes (56 shapefiles)
Sun Metro Bus Stops
Traffic Analysis Zones
Traffic Counts
Truck Routes
Veterinarian Clinics
Voter Precincts 2000
Voter Precincts 2012
ZIP codes
10 foot Contour

Doña Ana County

Cd. Juárez

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